As the mother of an 9-year-old boy who loves all things digital (iMac, iPhone, iPad, iEverything), I struggle with traditional vs. technological balance for his brain. I want my son to be happy with a book or a magnifying glass or a game of Scrabble. But no matter how hard I try, Fruit Ninja elicits whoops of enthusiasm and Scrabble gets an, “OK, fine. But can I play Fruit Ninja after?” I read articles about how television and Nintendo ruin a child’s ability to concentrate, but then I read other articles about how video games vastly improve eye-hand coordination and the ability to multitask. (Is multitasking a good thing? Seems today it’s a must.)

And to add to the dilemma, in December 2012 I finished a master’s degree in interactive media at the University of Nevada, Reno, learning to communicate on a multitude of digital platforms. How can I tell my son he can’t use the computer or smartphone when he sees me blogging or texting or Facebooking throughout the day and working to do all those things more strategically?

And, to add one more level of hyper-awareness on this topic, my son attends Montessori school. Montessori ascribes to a philosophy of experiential learning, which I wholeheartedly embrace. Not much experiential learning can come from a smartphone.

So, please join me on my journey as my husband and I try to help our son navigate this digital world and get from it the least harm and the most good. I appreciate your interest in my website. If you find something that piques your interest, please comment or contact me. Thanks again for stopping by.

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2 Responses to “About me”

  1. Dana Sullivan Kilroy Says:

    I watched your video earlier today and should have commented. Great work…so professional. And you don’t look nervous at all!! Good job.

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