Gaga for Google Glasses

April 21, 2012

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I need people. Not just random people, but the kind of people where I’d say to you, “Have your people call my people and we’ll get together.” But alas, there are no “people” in my future, so I need Google Glasses!

The idea of managing everything I do on my smartphone, but hands-free, is fantastic. It really would be like talking to an assistant who’s walking around with me carrying a pen and note pad and keeping my life organized. The multitasking potential is huge! Folding clothes, making beds, putting away the clean dishes from the dishwasher – all while scheduling a pediatrician appointment, making a grocery list and creating a reminder to have my husband fix the leaky faucet I just noticed in the bathroom sink. The efficiency of it practically makes me giddy (I love efficiency).

But then I step back from the giddiness and think about these glasses from the other perspective. Will I get so hooked on Google Glasses that I put them on in the morning and leave them on through breakfast, lunch and dinner? Will I pretend to be engaging with other people at a party, but really be checking my Facebook wall? Will I pretend to be talking to you, but really be shopping online or finding a recipe for dinner?

As a digital immigrant, I doubt I ever will get too hooked on the glasses. But all of our digital-native kids certainly will. A few years from now we’ll all be blogging about “At what age do you give your child his first pair of Google Glasses?’ and we’ll be looking at YouTube videos of 2-yeaer-olds learning their ABCs from their Playskool version of the glasses.

Technology with Intention, a great blog on public learning about technology and education, recently shared an interesting post about the future of Google Glasses: Google Glasses + Emotiv = the future.

The future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades.

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