The Onion report: Funny, and all too true

April 19, 2012

In 2040, my son will be 36. By then, he will have undoubtedly shared hundreds, if not thousands, of photos from smartphones starting with the photos from the phone/camera his father and I will have given him (probably) in about 2020.We’ll have lectured him on internet safety and have told him how “what goes on the internet, stays on the internet,” but reality will win. The days of youthful indiscretion are past, and every antic captured by his or friends’ camera phones will be Instagramed to Insta-forever.

When I think about the photos I still have (prints in albums in the garage attic) of me in high school and college, I cringe. Togas, huge hair, arms over shoulders of other people looking just as stupid. I won’t even mention how many photos have plastic cups of beer or rum and coke dangling at the end of everyone’s hands. But these memories are in the attic. Not online.

And it might even get worse. I know about the photos in my garage attic. But what about the photos in the attics of all those people from college that I’m not even friends on Facebook with now? People who I don’t remember, but who were there with cameras the night of the beach party I’d rather forget? Even if I had a brilliant solution to all the world’s problems, would I subject myself and my family to justifying all those years-gone-by antics to the media and public? Never.

The age of too much information undoubtedly has already had an impact on the country’s pool of viable candidates for elected office. And lots of smart, creative people who could possibly help the world in 2040 are going to be sidelined because of dumb photos from when they were 15, 20, or even 25. Either we’re all going to have to recognize that everyone has stupid (but innocuous) photos in their past and not make a big, embarrassing deal out of them, or we’re going to lose out on a lot of smart, talented people who could help the world be better.

2 Responses to “The Onion report: Funny, and all too true”

  1. iGameMom Says:

    hard to imagine how it is going to be in 2040! 🙂

  2. Meg M. Says:

    So true, we have all taken pictures that really shouldn’t but at the time we weren’t thinking. Good blog.

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