Twitter’s educational value

April 6, 2012

While most of us use Twitter to keep in touch with others and share interesting content we’ve found online, some teachers are finding educational ways to use Twitter to engage their students. Check out these great ideas from BestCollegesOnline and AskATechTeacher, then think of the possibilities in your family to make your own tutorial tweets:

  • Now is the perfect time to use Twitter to help students engage in political conversation. Even better than simply following @barackobama and @mittromney, students can tweet questions to the candidates. The candidate with the smart campaign staff will tweet right back.
  • Teachers can create a class hashtag such as #mrsjoneshistory, then have the class create an online resource everyone can use. In one Iowa classroom highlighted by BestOnlineColleges, the teacher asks the students to each tweet their MVP (Most Valuable Point) following class discussion, thus compiling a great resource of knowledge for future review (think group note-taking).
  • With Twitter’s 140-character limit, we all have to tweet concisely. This tight space challenges students to make every word count. Hone those action verbs, tighten those adjectives. Save the rambling for your blogs.
  • Books and online searches are wonderful tools for research, but imagine how much more engaged students become when they can tweet with experts around the world. For instance, a geography class that’s researching Mount Everest can follow #oneverest for nearly real time commentary and photos of what’s happening on the great mountain.

These are just a few of the educational opportunities for students that Twitter offers. What innovative ways can you imagine Twitter enhancing education in your child’s life? How do you use it now?

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