AdBlock: My new best friend

March 31, 2012

I thought I loved Facebook. I thought I loved YouTube. I thought I loved NYTimes.com. But now I know the truth – I didn’t even know what love was until I tried all those websites without advertisements.

My new best friend is AdBlock, a quick and easy download that stops Gucci from telling me I need a $500 handbag (on NYTimes.com, of course) and film execs from telling my 8-year-old he needs to watch the violent, PG-13 film Wrath of the Titans. For years now I’ve seen ads on Facebook telling me how to look younger (darn Facebook for knowing my age) and weather.com telling me how I can fly to Vegas cheap and party cheap, too (they don’t know me as well). I’ve had ads for L.L.Bean kids’ snowsuits populate ad spaces on all the web pages I go to, simply because I’d been shopping around for snowsuits. It’s creepy. And it’s over.

Since I installed the free browser plug-in AdBlock, the ads are gone. Poof. At first, looking at my ad-less web pages, I had a moment of, “But wait, will I miss something?” But shortly after, the peace set in – the peace of my mind not having to play the role of ad-filter while clicking through web pages. Do I want a Gucci bag? No. Should I buy that wrinkle cream? No. Do I want to party cheap in Vegas? No. I don’t have to even consider those ad-driven ideas anymore. My brain is free. I can concentrate on the task at hand, whether it’s shopping for Gucci knockoffs (just kidding) or checking out a cool video of a Rube Goldberg machine with my son.

Give yourself some ad-free peace, too. I followed this step-by-step on the Yoursphere website: How to Easily Block Ads on Your Child’s Computer. But it works for parents’ computers, too!

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