Do we need toddler status updates?

February 25, 2012

If you’ve ever wondered what the right age is to let a child engage in social media, wonder no more. TotSpot has you covered.

According to the website: “Just like Mom and Dad, junior gets a profile on TotSpot, complete with status updates, real time updates in an activity stream, and a beautiful assortment of themes.” Wow. It’s the Facebook of the diaper and pull-up set.

It got me thinking. If babies really could share status updates of “what’s on your mind,” what would they say? “Totally digging this ceiling fan!” “No fair! I called shotgun first!” “Got dinner to fall on the floor again. Loving this gravity thing!”

But I digress. It’s one thing to use technology to share photos and cute stories about our kids, but it’s another to have small children spend their time promoting themselves. I’ve had a blog to document my son’s life for nearly eight years now, and it’s been a convenient way to keep far-away grandparents feeling connected. But the blog isn’t for my son. He does not post anything to it, and rarely even sees it. That’s a far different thing than having toddlers help post status updates about themselves.

TotSpot feels like the gateway drug to the look-at-me culture Facebook promotes. I love the fact that TotSpot fosters opportunities for parents and family to stay in touch online, but do babies really need to be connecting with their baby friends on a screen? Ditch the screen for baby and find the sandbox.

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