12-year-old inspiration

February 24, 2012

There are two kinds of tech-savvy kids. There are the kids who spend hours learning the tricks to play games like Angry Birds and there are the kids who spend hours learning the tricks to develop apps like Angry Birds. Both endeavors take dedicated time, perseverance and skill, but which side of the technology do you want your child to be on? Check out 12-year-old app developer Thomas Suarez. If you have kids, I’m pretty sure you’ll be thinking, “How do I get my child to turn out like that?”

Impressive, isn’t he? What I like most about Thomas Suarez is that he found something constructive that he likes and he’s going after it. He likes technology, and he is motivated enough to go beyond the fun and figure out how it works.

Suarez says finding resources to learn app development isn’t simple. “For soccer, you could go to a soccer team. For violin, you could get lessons for a violin,” he explained. “But what if you want to make an app?” While Suarez started an app club to help aspiring developers at his southern California middle school, most kids aren’t so lucky. But the resources are out there.

The next time your tech-savvy child is clamoring for time on the iPad, say, “Sure,” and sit down together and try a new web page: Developing Apps for iPad. It’s a great way to investigate what’s behind Angry Birds, World of Goo and all the other hugely popular games. You never know – maybe you have a future Steve Jobs just waiting for the tools to take a passion for tech to the next level.

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